Here is what players have been saying about Solve Our Shirts, Escape from the Maze of the Minotaur :

"If you’re on the fence about getting the escape room in a shirt JUST DO IT you will NOT regret it. So much fun and a lot of detail into it. I was unsure how they’d be able to swing an escape room in a shirt and was  completely blown away!!" - Molly G. 1/23/21

"I came across this company through Instagram when I save a escape room in a shirt! I was immediately interested and ordered one for myself and a friend. We just finished it last night and can say it was a fun and whimsical hour and a half!

I loved the "aha" moments that came with finding little hidden treasures in the shirt you least expected. My friend and I each found things the other could not which really helped make this a team building event." Jillian R. 1/21/21


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Escape from the Maze of the Minotaur has received amazing reviews across the internet. Check out what escape room reviewers have to say!

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Reviews for The Treasure Trove of Pirate Cove:

"Solve Our Shirts managed to take what was great about their first game and improve upon it… and they managed to do this without treading the same ground. It’s remarkable how many surprises can be hidden in a damn t-shirt. It feels like magic. "

-Room Escape Artists

"We found the puzzles in this game to be perfectly logical and a delight to behold, each one made sense and each more clever than the last. "

-Review the Room

"The Treasure Trove of Pirate’s Cove is a swash-buckling adventure across an unlikely medium that continues to showcase Solve Our Shirts as an excellent option for those looking for the fun and theming of an escape room without having to step inside."

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