What exactly is "Solve Our Shirts"?

Solve Our Shirts is a 60-90 minute-long puzzle game that takes place almost entirely on a T-shirt.

Each shirt is double-sided, and can be solved by a single player with a single shirt; however, we also offer a couple's pack with two shirts for two players, which allows the game to be solved while players wear the shirts.

The puzzle solving process does not destroy the shirt, so once you finish the game, you'll be able to continue wearing it as a souvenir of your victory!

Who made this, and why?

Solve Our Shirts is a new product line by CU Adventures, an escape room company located in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. They also created the widely popular (and mentioned in the New York Times) online escape room games THE LOST TEMPLE and FLOOR 13.

The COVID pandemic has hit our business super hard, so we figured we’d try something super wacky, like a full-length puzzle game on a T-shirt.

Shirt art is by the incredibly talented McKenzie Marcum!

What comes with my purchase?

Each standard purchase comes with one shirt, a few printed materials, and a login code to access the web component at at-home.cuadventures.com.

The Couple’s Pack comes with two shirts, a single copy of the printed materials, and one login code to access the web component.

Where can you ship to?

Excitingly, we’ve figured out how to ship to any country in the world!

This is our first time shipping outside the US, but we’re told to expect 1-3 weeks. With current shipping delays, we cannot guarantee it’ll arrive by any specific date.

Do you offer local pickup in the Champaign-Urbana area?

Heck yes! Select “Local Pickup” as your shipping option when you order, and we’ll hold it here for you at CU Adventures in Urbana. We’ll be open for pickup every day by appointment, just email us after you purchase or call CU Adventures at 217.898.7158 to set up a time.

What kind of shirts are these?

Escape the Maze of the Minotaur is printed on District® Perfect Blend® Tees for the "Men's" style and District® Women’s Perfect Blend® Tees for the "Women's" style.

The Treasure Trove of Pirate Cove is printed on Bella + Canvas 3001CVC Unisex Short Sleeve Tees. (If you have a CU Adventures "I Saved The World" shirt, these are the same kind!)

Do the shirts run slightly large or small?

Escape the Maze of the Minotaur shirts run fairly true-to-size, possibly a little larger for men's sizes.

The Treasure Trove of Pirate Cove shirts run a little small compared to standard men's sizes.

What if I’m doing a large scale event and want to buy a bunch of shirts?

AWESOME. Shoot us an email and we can figure something out!


Is Murder on the Ornament Express a t-shirt?

It is not a shirt! For 2023 we wanted to make a new play-at-home game that was a bit less elaborate while still using a novel form factor and some surprising puzzles.

It is a series of puzzling postcard train cars you can use as Christmas ornaments, a booklet of evidence, and a website for hints and accusations!

Do not wear it!


What’s the difference between the Deluxe Edition and the standard edition?

The Deluxe edition of Escape the Maze of the Minoraur has more puzzles and a slightly different web interface, but the shirt is exactly the same. We estimate the Deluxe Edition should add about 20-30 minutes more of game time to the experience.